91A Drayton Street, Bowden SA 5007

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Ida Sophia

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Ida Sophia’s work is hinged on the unknown beyond. Through her own private, yet collectively shared experience with death, she makes works that facilitate a grieving process. Themes oscillate between living and longing and how that directly reflects our experiences throughout mourning. Raised in a Victorian era home full of Japanese antiques, Ida Sophia developed a relationship with Eastern and Western ways of life, death and beauty. This exposure informs the foundational layers of her work. 

 In 2019, Ida will graduating with a Diploma of Photography from The Centre for Creative Photography and will have her first international solo exhibition at Æther Art Space in Sofia, Bulgaria.  She will also show her video works at Head On Screens for the Head On Photo

Festival in Sydney, Australia and participate in the graduate group show ‘Harvest’at Studio Bowden and The Light Gallery, Adelaide. 


Her first international group show was held in May of 2018 at the World Of Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. This show displayed her Series 'Separation-Transition-Incorporation', created in the four weeks prior as an artist in residence at World Of Co. In 2018 Ida Sophia was a finalist in the Byron Arts Magazine Prize held at ThomGallery, Byron Bay. In 2017 she was shortlisted for the Prospect Portrait Prize and Click17 at the Brunswick Street Gallery. 


Ida Sophia has widely travelled and collaborated with Artists accross the Globe. 2016 saw her embark on a self propelled expedition to New York. Here she collaborated with Performer Dandy Wellington and photographed New York style icon Tziporah Salamon (Advanced Style) for her book publication The Art of Dressing (Rizzoli Publications). During that time, Sophie completed further study with Magnum Photographer, Alex Webb at Aperture New York.


Ida Sophia is a multimedia artist working in Adelaide. The mediums used in her practise include photography, performance, sound and sculpture.



Respect or reverence paid or rendered: In Homage. ​ For this suite of works, Ida Sophia explores iconic self-portraits from a range of photographic artists. The work considers the point that as artists, we are ancestors of those who have created before us. We are unavoidably inspired by them, moved by their works and ideas. They, and all those before them create the foundation of modern work, integrated in both subtle and obvious ways; yet always expanded on and continually explored. 


In Homage to their works, Ida Sophia positioned herself inside their artistic process and conversely placed them, within her own. Over 20 days during an artist residency in Sofia, Bulgaria at World of CO, Ida began each day in the studio by making a self-portrait. In this time, she explored the headspace of Performance Artist Marina Abramovic to the irreverent experimenter, Florence Henri.


In paying respect and reverence to these artists, Ida Sophia sees a homage as a way to say thank you. For paving the way before her, for pushing the limits of their bodies, ideas and creativity, for encouraging her to see that an artist has the ability to create work that is not only important for the time, but for those who come after. 


By confining herself to the medium of Instant film, the images have the feel of film photography, however, their quality captures a certain painterly atmosphere. A sharp image is not the objective; an image that reminds us of memory, not quite in focus but recognisable all the same, is. The Instax film shots have been scanned from their original size of 54 x 86mm and printed at 594 x 841mm to enhance these qualities


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Homage to Marina Abramovic
Homage to Florence Henri
Homage to Susan Meiselas
Homage to Cindy Sherman
Homage to Imogen Cunningham
Homage to Sophie Calle
Homage to Laurie Simmons
Homage to Man Ray
Homage to Robert Mapplethorpe
Homage to William Eggelstone